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2016 San Francisco Writers Conference

San Francisco writers conference

Super Bowl 50 isn’t only big “cultural” event coming to the Bay Area in the next weeks. The annual San Francisco Writers Conference will take place from February 11th through February 14th at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. This is an excellent opportunity for hobbyists, aspiring writers, and professionals to come together and improve their craft – all in beautiful San Francisco, a city known for its rich, bohemian literary heritage. Read more about the conference and San Francisco writers below!

San Francisco Writers Conference

San Francisco Writers Conference: Registration for the conference itself is closed, as it has been sold out for some time; however, PLACES REMAIN IN MANY CLASSES OFFERED ON FEB. 11TH AND FEB. 15TH! Read the list of available classes and scroll to the bottom of this article for the link to register online.

Classes Still Open at the 2016 San Francisco Writers Conference

San Francisco writers conference

To Self Publish or Not to Self Publish: A 10 Step Guide to Publishing Success
Proposals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Yours a Knockout
Goals to Go: How to Succeed As a Nonfiction Writer
Joining the Boomer Bonanza: Write and Publish Your Book at Any Age and Sell It to Hollywood
Pitchcraft: How to Make the Perfect Pitch
Plot for Middle Grade and Young Adult Stories: Plot Your Story Scene-by-Scene to Move Your Readers
How to Create Your Best-Selling Author Career Plan: From Idea to Brand to a Business Around Your Books
Super Fans: The Secrets to Selling Everything You Write
The 3 Secrets for Making Your Genre Fiction Irresistible
Unlocking the Key to Your Memoir: Finding Your Voice
Driving the Truck that Never Stops: Selling Books By the Truckload on Amazon
Get the Grant! How to Market Your Application & Yourself to Land Grants
WordPress Blogs for Non-Techies: Bring Your Laptop, Leave with Your Blog

Classes run from $79-$129 each (for non-conference attendees), with the average price per class being $99. Classes run from between one and a half to three hours long – and some include options for ongoing, post-conference support. See the link at the bottom of this article for further details.

History of the San Francisco Writers Conference

San Francisco writers conference

The San Francisco Writers Conference is the brainchild of literary agents Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada, who have been working with authors in the Bay Area since 1972, when they opened Northern California’s first literary agency. The San Francisco Writers Conference has been an annual event since 2003. This year’s event will be the 13th such gathering of literary minds. The conference is designed to appeal to and serve a wide range of participants and writers at all stages in their personal development. It provides an opportunity for writers to speak with and learn from one another, to work on specific aspects of their craft, to explore career possibilities, and to pitch their work to agents in the industry in order to potentially get book deals. Conference sessions are led by a variety of published authors and personalities, and there are social events and opportunities for mingling built in. One might liken it to a sleep-away camp for really smart, well-read, creative grown-ups.

San Francisco and the Writer’s Life

San Francisco writers conference

Many would say that San Francisco provides an ideal environment for writers. The stunning natural environment combines with the amenities of thriving city life to provide endless opportunities for stimulation. As an extremely walkable city with a multitude of cafes, independently owned restaurants and businesses, and cultural venues, San Francisco is a walking, thinking, introvert’s paradise. For those wanting to engage, the city’s diverse residents all carry their own unique stories within them. The city’s history as a counter-cultural hotspot and center of progressive thought has, over time, attracted an eclectic mix of individuals who all add something to the intellectual milieu. Famous one-time Bay Area authors, after all, include the likes of Isabelle Allende, Dorothy Allison, Michael Chabon, Dave Eggers, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Frost, Khaled Hossini, Shirley Jackson, Jack Kerouac, Ursula Le Guin, Jack London, Armistead Maupin, Michael Pollan, Amy Tan, Mark Twain, Alice Walker, and Tobias Wolff, among so many others.

Are You a Writer Thinking of Relocating to San Francisco?

San Francisco writers conference

If you or someone you know is looking for the perfect pied-a-terre in San Francisco, please reach out and contact me today. As a long-time resident of San Francisco and an established real estate broker with Zephyr, I can help you get settled in a location that is sure to inspire. Not sure if the time is right or want to know what to expect? We can talk about that, too. I am always just a call or an email away.

Register for classes at the 2016 San Francisco Writers Conference and learn more about the event here.
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