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This is How to Look at Real Estate Investing

If you are starting to consider purchasing rental property coming up with the right strategy can be quite daunting.  Here are two articles that might be able to give you some things to consider.  The articles provide a quick and easy way to understand different strategies for using real estate as an investment….these are not get rich quick schemes!

5 Simple Ways To Invest In Real Estate

It is important to be circumspect when considering purchasing an investment property, particularly if it is your first and definitely if the investment property is in a city or county with strict rental laws in addition to State and Federal rules.  In fact, don’t even think about closing escrow on an rental property without first speaking with an attorney intimately knowledgeable about local tenant law; an uncle or friend practicing law three counties away won’t cut it.  The laws can be changing constantly with varying implications!

Here is another article on the website which can be food for thought:

10 things to weigh before diving into income property

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